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As she was playing outside yesterday, it dawned on me that I have been so busy with my business that I have not captured her lately….and my kids are the reason I started this! This is her fun homework…..practicing her letters:). Every time I look at her, I think where did you get that red hair and feel so blessed to have a determined little beauty(even on the days she exhausts me to no end)

Tyler Texas Photographer Cassie Spalding

Sisters….I have three myself and every time I have a session with sisters I imagine how close and precious their relationship will become….there is nothing like a sister:)……

All photographs taken in Tyler Texas by Photographer Cassie Spalding

Check out this adorable little girl…. I photographed big brother when he was a newborn and they look so much alike:). Many more to come…….

All photographs taken in Tyler Texas by photographer Cassie Spalding.

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